• Technical shutdowns
  • Construction and industrial sites
  • Medical services in extreme conditions
  • Sites open to the public

In France, the Labor Code requires the presence of a medical infrastructure for emergency care on construction and industrial sites with more than 200 people. Your company’s activities expose you to specific health risks that require a health care setting adapted to your profession or event.

The medical support and emergency medical support service provided by PMS Médicalisation (PmSm) ensure that human and technical resources are always available at your operating site or during your events (sports events, exhibitions, conferences, etc.).

PmSm’s experience is brought into play on construction sites as well as in the mining, petroleum and oil services sectors, or in places open to the public such as airports and amusement parks.

We are also experts in emergency medical support in harsh and isolated environments.

Everyone who works for PMS Médicalisation, whether doctor, medic or nurse, is qualified in France or one of the European Union countries or has an equivalent medical diploma recognized by the French State. We take into account your specifications as well as the feasibility study within your department when we work in your company.

Customer needs


Consideration of the specifications, Feasibility study, Proposal for organization modes


Sourcing, assistance, consultancy and supervision

Consultancy and supervision, Professional insurance, Service, pharmacy and medical devices management using EasyPharm and MedReport software

Daily monitoring and management

Reporting, meetings, preventive actions

Establishment of a reporting schedule for the activity, attending the various meetings, preventive action

Sourcing and management

Support by our Medical department

Sourcing health professionals (nurses, medics or doctors), Managing staff assigned to your site

ISO 9001 quality certification: 2015 for the provision of medical services

A service specifically configured according to the risks of your site or event

Innovative and adapted technical means

A service that your employees, customers and visitors appreciate


Our offer

According to French legislation and the Labor Code, once the number of employees on a construction or industrial site exceeds 200, a nurse must be present and an infirmary set up. It is important for companies to be able to make this emergency medical support service available in order to provide first aid while waiting for an external doctor to intervene, if necessary. We operate in France on SEVESO classified sites, nuclear production sites, as well as abroad on mining, petroleum and oil services sites located in regions subject to extreme environmental conditions such as deserts, Polar Regions and equatorial forests.

When an industrial production unit is shut down for maintenance, many accidents are likely to occur. Depending on the situation, there are many sources of hazard. These may be the energies used to operate the maintenance equipment, products and tools used, as well as the type of operation performed. During these operations, the maintenance department personnel, whether internal or external to the company, are exposed, as are the people in the work area. For all these reasons, an emergency medical support service is required to intervene in a preventive manner before the arrival of the ambulance service (SAMU) doctor, who makes a precise assessment of the situation and recommends additional care, if necessary, according to the urgency of the situation.

Our emergency medical support service also operates on sites that are open to the public. Regardless of the type of event you organize, we do everything in our power to set up an appropriate service which ensures that you have an adequate medical response and the first aid you might need before the intervention of the fire department or the ambulance service. We operate in many areas ranging from amusement parks to international airports, as well as in cultural and other sporting events, exhibitions, congresses, trade fairs, company trips, etc.