Biomedical enginering

  • Customized care units
  • Rental with services
  • Biomedical maintenance
  • Medical devices
  • Hospital engineering

PMS Médicalisation (PmSm) is a leader in medical support solutions for professional and industrial environments.

Our biomedical engineering department has two main activities. First, it acts as a biomedical advisor to provide guidance on all subjects related to your care unit. Through our internationally recognized expertise, we help you to establish your medical center and provide support with park inventory services, investment plans and audits.

We then take care of the delivery and “turnkey” installation of complete medical units on cruise ships or military vessels in collaboration with shipbuilding yards. Our expertise extends even further as we also work with hospitals, clinics and government structures and our services can also cover the medicalization of trucks and ISO 20” or 30” containers.

We are also experts in the establishment of medical structures in environments subject to extreme climatic conditions such as Polar Regions and desert areas, as well as remote areas without any medical infrastructure and requiring adequate equipment.

By working with architects, we are able to build medical structures that range from simple infirmaries to more complete infrastructures that allow you to perform all the medical procedures required for the care and survival of people.

Evaluation and technical analysis

Meetings and specifications

Technical analysis of the need, site meeting and drafting of the specifications.

Development of the technical plan

Layout diagram and equipment list

2D/3D drawing, distribution of medical devices by room in agreement with the Medical department.

Programming and logistics management

Acquisitions, shipments and installations

Programming acquisitions, logistics control and shipment tracking, installing and commissioning medical devices.


Warranty, monitoring and audit

User training, After-sales service

Actualization in all medical specialties: operating room, imaging, dentistry, emergency, laboratory, maternity, etc.

The medical department that guarantees compliance with the applicable regulations

Management of medical supplies (small equipment, pharmaceutical supplies)

Solutions for innovative medical facilities (container clinics, tent hospitals, etc.)

A single contact person for the entire service

International process control (customs clearance)


Equipment management interface

MedReport 4.0: software included with our service

The MedReport 4.0 software is used via a password-protected « full web » Internet interface.

There is no software to install on your computer.

This interface allows you to manage your medical devices in a simple, intuitive and remote way:

Fleet management

Information on each medical device


Direct contact by e-mail with a simple click

Documents available online for download


with services

PmSm gives you the opportunity to rent all types of medical equipment.

A preventive and reparative maintenance of your medical devices

More than 400 pieces of equipment for rent worldwide

A rental contract and a single monthly invoice

An affordable and flexible offer

Individualized rental period

Acquisition of the latest generation equipment, replacement in case of obsolescence

Controlled financial costs



PmSm carries out all preventive and reparative maintenance of your medical devices:

Coordination of maintenance engineers’ traveling

Several service providers around the world for rapid and effective intervention

Equipment testing

ANSM notifications and regulatory monitoring taken into account


Our biomedical engineering offer

Our multidisciplinary offer enables us to handle all medical specialties. We install the entire infrastructure from Level 1 to Level 3 (NATO classification) in France and abroad:

Design of a Level 1 infirmary (advanced medical post) with all the furniture and equipment

Installation of a fully equipped operating room with sterilization area

Installation of a dental office

Establishment of a medical imaging system, an infrastructure required for medical sterilization, distribution networks for medical gases such as oxygen and medical vacuum, funeral chambers, etc.

These hospitals can be designed in conventional buildings or in tents (field mobile hospitals) depending on the context.

PmSm offers you the option of renting your medical equipment with services. This simple affordable system ensures that you always have the latest generation equipment and devices without burdening your operating budget. The rental procedure is simple and easy with a single contract and monthly invoicing. We offer you an individualized rental period as well as annual maintenance with a quality control certificate. Of course, you are trained in the use of the medical devices placed at your disposal. You also benefit from technical support for the duration of your contract.

Preventive and reparative maintenance of your medical equipment is a priority at PmSm. The visit from our maintenance engineers is planned so that you are never caught off guard. We have many service providers around the world and therefore, our intervention is fast and efficient. All your equipment is checked for conformity with the manufacturer’s data and the intervention reports with the control certificates can be downloaded remotely via our free MedReport© management software.